Social role adopted by the company to serve the staff.

Permanent and temporary workers in the company enjoy the following advantages:

  1. In the field of social services:-
    • The company management is supporting its workers through subsidies ranging from 500 - 1000 Egyptian pounds through the company Social Services Committee, which examines the applications and investigates disasters and emergency cases.
    • The company management contributes in reduction and support the cost of journeys and resorts for workers during summer and winter.
    • The company management organizes flights for "Umrah" for workers with the support of 500 Egyptian pounds each for the first time and 250 Egyptian pounds every 5 years. Also supporting "Hajj" flights by $ 2000 Egyptian pounds once during the service period.
    • The company management organizes religious and sports competitions throughout the year to raise religious, cultural and sports awareness of workers and offering prizes to workers sons of outstanding students.
    • The company management purchased a land area of 2471m2 from Port Said governorate to establish a sports club. All technical and administrative procedures has been taken for the implementation of the club which is will be opened during 2010.