PORT SAID CONTAINER HANDLING INFORMATION SYSTEM consists of following integrated modules
  • Vessels / Yard planning.
  • Vessels actual operation (RDT).
  • Yard actual operation (RDT).
  • EDI messages (Baplie , Movins , Coarri , Codeco and TPFREP).
  • Gate.
  • Management Information system (reports & statistics).

Port Said Container & Cargo Handling Co. (PSCCHC) clients will dispose of a powerful terminal system prepared to cope with ship lines demands in all respects. An Internet access to PSCHIS provides the Agents or the Ship Lines over the world with real time reports for their containers or ships.

1- Vessel / Yard Planning and Operation

1-1 Vessel Master Data

  • Ship Lines.
  • Agents.
  • Vessel Types.
  • Vessels Data.
  • Vessels Profile.
  • Vessels Unused Cells.
  • Countries.
  • Ports.
  • Berths.

1–2 Containers Master data

  • ISO.
  • Container Types.
  • IMDG.
  • Container Master Data.

1–3 Yards Master data

  • Yard Type and profile

1–4 Vessels Operations

  • Vessel Arrival Notice - voyage information.
  • Receiving/sending Baplie, Coarri and Codeco messages.
  • Monitoring arrival/berthing data.
  • Graphical interface for all vessel operations and planning.
  • Graphical berthing planning.
  • Graphical actual berthing and operation monitoring & following up.
  • Real time Gantry Crane and Berth productivity monitoring & following up.
  • Discharge sequence in berth side.
  • Loading sequence in Yard side according to achieve loading plane
  • sequence on board of the vessel.

1–5 Yard Operations

  • Job Sequence by using RDT

2- Gate
  • Arrival information including all container data as: container no,ISO, IMO, ship line ,Container size …etc
  • Gate in/gate out control.
  • EDIFACT CODECO (Gate Movement EDI message).
  • job sequence by RDT.
3– CFS
  • Stuffing and Stripping of containers.
  • Empty daily shift from depot yard to terminal yards.
4- RDTPSCHIS has a 53 TEKLOGIX Model 7035 ,7530 G2 Radio Data Terminal (RDT)with two antenna to cover inside container terminal and external depot area - a circle of 5 KM diameter – with no data traffic problem.
Real Time access and Data input to Terminal Data Base –our terminal operators from their original locations could achieve PSD1- with high-speed communication during actual operation.

The RDT modules are
  • Vessel Discharge.
  • Vessel Loading.
  • Shifts on board of the vessel.
  • Vessel Stops and fault.
  • Receiving Containers from Vessel On Yard.
  • Exit Container from Yard for loading vessel operation.
  • Shift containers From yard to yard or in same yard.
  • Container tracing . Sending message to control room.
Each movement recorded as planed, and signature by operator ID, and the time of movement.Using RDT increasing Terminal productivity.

We have started EDI , we can send and receive
  • BAPLIE – vessel storage data.
  • MOVINS – vessel loading plane.
  • COARRI AND CODECO – container movements in/out from/to GATE and VESSELS.

Our staff has a good experience in receiving and sending Electronic Data Interchange messages, They can solve any problem and advice if needed.

6– Management Information System

    MIS provide standard reports for daily routine operations such as:
  • Vessels and Yards planning.
  • Different containers reports according to status and/or container type and/or stuffing/and un stuffing Date.
  • Different statistics.
  • Operation analysis reports and statistics.

    A Top Management Information System designate to provide the PSCCHC Chairman, with special reports and statistics needed as:
  • Real Time Gantry, Terminal and Berth Productivity.
  • Stops and failure.
  • Berth Planning and Operation Estimations.



  • Client/server architecture.
  • Lan And Wan Network (frame relay tech.).
  • Radio Data Terminal .
  • 53 Hand Held Terminal Teklogix Model 7035 ,7530 G2.
  • 2 Base station 9150.
  • Area To Cover, About 5km.
  • 5 Server.
  • 125 Personal Computer With Their Peripherals
Software And O/S
  • Windows 2003 Server for Server
  • Windows XP/2000 for Workstation
  • TCP/IP Network Protcol
  • ORACLE 10G
Programming Tools
  • Developer 10g Form Builder
  • Developer 10g Report Builder
  • Visual Basic 6 And Crystal Reports