Security - Safety

  • Port security facility is our prime concern in our daily business. The company is committed to ensure the highest standards of security expected by its customers, employees, national & international authorities inside its container terminal.
  • PSCCHC is compliance with all applicable laws and regulation to ensure effective security management of its business. Also its our responsibility to secure, protect our terminal facilities practicable and economically sound.
  • PSCCHC encourages its employees and customers to take a responsible attitude towards security and safety through security awareness programmes.
  • PSCCHC is working closely with Port Said Port Authority, Suez Canal Authority, Free Zone & Customs and law enforcement agencies to ensure that security of the terminal extends to the surrounding ports and waterways.
  • PSCCHC is following security procedures with regard to the container terminal area and for interacting with associated authorities.
  • PSCCHC is controlling the terminal including positive identification of all employees, customers, visitors and government employees required to be at the terminal. Also ensure appropriate procedures for reporting and review all security incidents.
  • Our security manager/officer is responsible for security management throughout the company.