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Cargo Handling Activities

  • Loading & discharging bulk grains and all types of general cargo with high efficiency by highly experienced manpower.
  • Total bulk storage capacity 80.000 tons.
  • Handling rate is 8000 tons/day.
  • Ships capacity 60.000 -70.000 tons.
  • Draft up to 42 ft.
  • Two floating stevedoring units with discharging rate 260 T/H each.

General Cargo

The company performs loading/unloading all types of general cargo with high rates and remarkable efficiency. Unloading ships capacity at anchor by barges for lightering ships load and to increase port discharging rates. As a facility for world shipping lines, exporters and importers agreed with Port-Said Port Authority on the possibility of unloading cargo and containers at anchor so as ships can cross Suez Canal and join southbound convoy without paying port dues ( while waiting for crossing).

Bulk Grains

The company posses the biggest 2 enterprises for automated discharging and handling bulk grains from ships up to 42ft. draft with huge tonnage up to 70000 tons.

Achieving the highest discharging rates 16000 ton/day in case of providing transport means by the client.  Storage capacity 50000 tons for both enterprises, so as to solve the uncertainty of transport means, which causes reduction of discharging rates. Automation all stages of discharging and handling bulk grains such as packing, bagging, sewing, and loading on ordinary trucks or railways. Two Floating stevedoring units with discharging rate 260 T/H each. They can operate at anchorage or at berth solicit to the nature & circumstances of the loaded ship as well as berths in the port. The possibility of loading bulk grains on ordinary means of transport or railways either from ship directly or from warehouses. New seeds silo with capacity 30,000 ton has been constructed, so total storage capacity reaches 80,000 ton. One loader heavy left and one 100 ton cranes for lifting heavy loads.