Tender No. The statement Bid opening
Brochure Value
6-2016/2017 Concerning the supply of 126 WIRE solid for the area lifters Sunday 08/01/2017 1700L.E
7-2016/2017 Concerning the supply of 15 RTG device with its content
  • The brochure of terms and conditions could be requested from the commercial sector in the above address in the name of Mr. Accountant / Head of commercial Affairs (peer-to pay for the bid requirements set out above)
  • Primary Insurance for wires is 2000 $
    and the primary insurance for RDT is 25000 LE
  • Tenders must be submitted no later than 11 a.m. on the day above.
  • Company will not pay attention to any bid received after the deadline of openning the envelopes or not accompanied by full primary insurance completely.
  • Company has the right to reject or accept any tender without giving reasons
Wednesday 28/12/2016 250L.E